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Ampacoll Profix - tricky can be so easy!

Our youngest child, the liquid adhesive Ampacoll Profix, adheres very well to a large number of, sometimes difficult, surfaces. It adheres well to substrates such as TPU (Ampatop Seal, Ampatop Seal GHS, Ampatop F black), PE, PP, EPDM, PVC, bitumen, copper and other metals. It also evens out unevenness on brick, stone, concrete, plaster, wood, MDF and OSB boards and much more. Ampacoll Profix is ??permanently elastic and sticky, easy to reposition at the beginning and is also resistant to condensation and running water.

  • Permanently elastic and tacky
  • Ideal for TPU products and many other, sometimes tricky surfaces
  • Resistant against condensation and run-off water
  • No primer necessary
  • Repositionable
  • Notched nozzle for a more even bead

New products

Product photo: Ampacoll Fenax 12/88, window connection tapes, moisture-variable

Ampacoll Fenax - window connection tapes

Fully adhesive and moisture-variable. Always the right window connection tape to hand!

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll Komprimax M 60/6-15, pre-compressed multifunctional tape

Ampacoll Komprimax - pre-compressed multifunctional and joint sealing strips

Sealed connection of doors and windows in solid, wood and metal constructions.

Product information