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NEW: Ampacoll Airmax spray primer

A well-sealed building envelope is the key to energy efficiency. Regrettably, the job of priming surfaces so that they can be properly sealed with insulating materials is often difficult and time consuming. With its new Ampacoll Airmax spray primer, the Swiss supplier Ampack now promises to make the work a whole lot easier.

Product photo: Ampacoll Airmax, spray primer

Product photo: Ampacoll Airmax, spray primer

Anwendungsfoto: Ampacoll Airmax, Sprühprimer

Application photo: Ampacoll Airmax, spray primer

Professional and conscientious priming is hard work. Applying a sealant with open cans, trays, rollers and brushes takes a lot of time and working on overhead surfaces with liquid sealants tends to be strenuous. Nonetheless, it's simply not an option to skip the priming. This is because porous and absorptive building surfaces, low temperatures and moisture can prevent you from achieving a tight seal. This is where the new spray primer Ampacoll Airmax by Ampack plays such a helpful role because it allows you to complete the priming work quickly, easily and safely.

Ampacoll Airmax serves as an adhesive base for Ampacoll adhesive strips on porous or rough surfaces such as masonry, plaster, concrete, rough-cut wood, and wood-fibre panels. Simply spray the solvent-containing, synthetic rubber Airmax in the corresponding width to the clean, dry and grease-free surfaces you need to seal in order to form a basis, and then apply the adhesive strips or panels. The spray primer makes it easier to complete overhead and vertical work. The new spray primer is also especially effective when you’re forced to work in difficult conditions involving moisture and low temperatures ranging down to -5°C.

Make sure to cover any sensitive surface elements before applying the spray. Thanks to the double-rotating spray nozzle, you can also precisely aim and adjust the spray to one of three different levels of volume. After application, the saturated surface begins to harden, with the ventilation time ranging from 10 to 40 minutes depending on the temperature and the surface properties. Once it dries, Ampacoll Airmax remains sticky and provides a perfect substrate for all Ampacoll adhesive panels and strips.

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Ampacoll Fenax

The newly developed Ampacoll Fenax 40/60 is ideal when it comes to professionally connecting vapour checks and wood-based materials to unplastered masonry or concrete. The two-layer vapour edge tape consists of a water-jet-reinforced polypropylene fleece and a special moisture-variable functional membrane. Ampacoll Fenax can be used outside and inside and offers the highest UV stability on the market.


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Product photo: Ampatex Variano 3, moisture-variable vapour check and airtight layer, with Ampacoll INT

Ampatex Variano 3

Third-generation moisturevariable vapour check. Over 59 m sD value range for maximum protection in buildings where moisture levels are critical. Ideal for exhaust insulation highly resistant to tears by nails. Perfectly suited for flat roofs in timber construction; also for renovating pitched roofs with a dense outer skin. The tape offers special protection when used on bare brickwork in winter.


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Ampatop SealEdge

Ampatop SealEdge is a prefabricated eaves membrane with a UV-resistant PVC strip welded to an Ampatop Seal roof membrane. The product is used to seal open eaves with perforated  metal to drain water from the roof membrane into the gutters.


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