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You are on the safe side with Ampack's 10- and 20-year warranty.
They cover:

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New - Ampacoll Flexx, the stretchable system adhesive tape for indoors and outdoors

Produktfoto: Ampacoll Flexx, Acrylklebeband für innen und aussen

Ampacoll Flexx, the high-strength adhesive tape with flexible carrier for overlaps and penetrations. Component movements can no longer damage the bonding; seal penetrations reliably and quickly. The extremely high quality and easy to use adhesive tape is specially designed for outdoor use, but can also be used for airtight bonding indoors (DIN 4108-11). The carrier is easy to use and can be perfectly adapted and applied to uneven surfaces. Thanks to the serrated edge, it is easy to tear by hand; no tools are needed.

New products

Product photo: Ampacoll Fenax 12/88, window connection tapes, moisture-variable

Ampacoll Fenax - window connection tapes

Fully adhesive and moisture-variable. Always the right window connection tape to hand!

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll Komprimax M 60/6-15, pre-compressed multifunctional tape

Ampacoll Komprimax - pre-compressed multifunctional and joint sealing strips

Sealed connection of doors and windows in solid, wood and metal constructions.

Product information