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You are on the safe side with Ampack's 10- and 20-year warranty.
They cover:

  • Materials
  • Conversion costs
  • Installation costs


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New - Ampatop B black, black façade membrane with fire behaviour: Euroclass B!

Black façade membrane for façades with open joints. Fire behaviour: Euroclass B. According to EN13859-2 for walls with open joints, artificial ageing is carried out with 5000 hours of UV exposure (standard is 336 hours).



  • Withstands UV
  • 10-year product guarantee with a joint width up to 30 mm
  • Fire behaviour Euroclass B-s1, d0
  • Outdoor weathering of six months


New products

Product photo: Ampacoll Fenax 12/88, window connection tapes, moisture-variable

Ampacoll Fenax - window connection tapes

Fully adhesive and moisture-variable. Always the right window connection tape to hand!

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll Komprimax M 60/6-15, pre-compressed multifunctional tape

Ampacoll Komprimax - pre-compressed multifunctional and joint sealing strips

Sealed connection of doors and windows in solid, wood and metal constructions.

Product information