Ampatop Seal GHS – weldable roof membrane with quality seal

It’s been ten years since Ampack revolutionised the roof membrane market with the introduction of Ampatop Seal. The orange membrane has been a firm favourite since then. As one of our best-selling items, it has become an important part of our company’s history.

It therefore made perfect sense to launch a new version of the product. We’ve called it Ampatop Seal GHS, because it bears the quality seal of the “Gebäudehülle Schweiz” association. The green membrane will be sold alongside its older brother. But although Ampatop Seal is still a product of the highest standard, only Ampatop Seal GHS has been tested in accordance with the quality seal’s strict criteria.

  • Weldable with solvent bonding and heat
  • Both sides are processed, no waste
  • Cutting and orientation aid
  • Monolithic TPU technology
  • For low roof pitches
  • Hail resistant
  • Abrasion resistant

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Director Marketing

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