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New products

Product photo: Ampatop RF black, black wind seal for façades with open gaps

Ampatop RF black (plus) - low-flammable wall membrane

Two-layer, low-flammable black wind seal for façades with open joints. Fire behaviour: B-s1, d0.

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll Profix cartridge, liquid adhesive

Ampacoll Profix - tricky can be so easy

Solvent-free, airtight, windtight, durable elastic liquid adhesive. The liquid adhesive sticks to many other, sometimes tricky surfaces such as PE, PP, EPDM, PVC, TPU and bitumen surfacing.

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll Flexx pro, acrylic adhesive tape for indoor and outdoor use

Ampacoll Flexx pro - flexible acrylic adhesive tape

Tearproof yet flexible system adhesive tape for internal and external use. Ideal for airtight and windproof sealing of overlaps, board joints and penetrations. Ideal for airtight and windtight lining of component joints and masking boards on ridges, hips and grooves.

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll Maxiflex, flexible PU foam

Ampacoll Maxiflex - flexible PU foam

Moisture-curing, flexible PU pistol foam. For filling window joints and a wide variety of other joints, cavities and penetrations. Especially handy for narrow sealing areas (e.g. renovation work). For sealing, damping and insulating.

Product information
Ampatop Seal: product photo GHS, weldable roof membrane

Ampatop Seal GHS - weldable roof membrane

Triple layer weldable roof membrane with the quality seal of the association «Gebaudehülle Schweiz». Overlaps and connections are welded seamlessly and homogenously. Monolithic TPU technology.

Product information
Product photo: Ampatex Variano 3 extra, moisture-variable vapour check and airtight layer

Ampatex Variano 3 extra - moisture-variable vapour check and airtight layer, lattice-reinforced

Lattice-reinforced, two-layer moisture-variable vapour check and airtight-layer made of polyamide and polypropylene. Perfectly suited for flat roofs in timber construction; also for renovating pitched roofs with a dense outer skin. The membrane offers special protection when used on bare brickwork in winter. Ideal for injection insulation due to its high tear resistance.

Product information
Product photo: Ampacoll UV flexx 20/40, UV-stable, expandable adhesive tape

Ampacoll UV flexx - UV-stable, expandable adhesive tape

UV-stable, tear-resistant but at the same time expandable adhesive tape. Ideal for windtight bonding of Ampatop F black, Ampatop RF black and Tyvek UV facade.

Product information
Product photo: Ampatex Ombrello, weather protection / construction period cover

Ampatex Ombrello - weather protection / construction period cover

Transparent, full-surface adhesive vapour check and weather protection membrane. Used, for example, to temporarily cover wooden ceilings during the construction phase or to ensure airtightness on wooden materials and other substrates.

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