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Ampack AG
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Seebleichestrasse 50
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T +41 71 858 38 00

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Privacy policy

Please consider the new GDPR conform privacy policy of Ampack.

  • Privacy policy

Our data protection supervisor:

Georg Tondelli

Sending of personal data

Where personal data (names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) is transmitted, Ampack guarantees that internationally recognized standards of data protection will be adhered to. No data will be disclosed to unauthorized third parties outside of Ampack, and the data will be protected from access by such parties. The user transmitting the personal data hereby declares their agreement that submitted data may be stored and processed for the purpose of conducting Ampack’s business. As Ampack is a global company, storage and processing may be carried out on servers outside the country of residence of the person concerned. The person concerned may, at any time, request information that concerns his or her personal details or require the deletion of such data.

Application documents containing personal data

Application documents with sensitive data should be sent by post and should bear the name of the responsible contact person at the top. When sending by e-mail, the desired confidentiality is only ensured when the direct, business e-mail address of the contact person is used. Technical and organizational measures are in place to ensure that personal data thus provided will not be passed on.

Technical or commercial documents made available to Ampack

Any documentation made available to us (e.g. technical drawings, photos, statistics, contracts) will be used exclusively by us for the purposes of providing a quotation, or to complete an order or project. Unused material will, where appropriate, be archived, returned or destroyed. The user, who transmits the technical or commercial documents hereby declares that they agree to the submitted data being stored and processed for the purpose of conducting Ampack's business, or, if not used, that it be returned or destroyed.


Providing an e-mail address will give Ampack the right to store it this in order to make contact at a later date. The addressee may at any time request that Ampack deletes the stored information and / or may prohibit the sending of e-mails for advertising purposes.

General note on data security on the Internet

Ampack wishes to point to the fact that unencrypted data sent over the Internet is not secure. It is possible that transmitted data will be read or altered by unauthorized third parties.


Where links to the third party websites are available on this website, Ampack assumes no responsibility for their content or the use of information provided on those sites. The above rules will also apply to the content of other Ampack websites that are linked to this site. Ampack endeavours to immediately remove any links to illegal content as soon as they become aware of them.

Website content

In general, Ampack assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on this website or on a website linked to it. Furthermore, Ampack does not accept liability for any damage caused by viruses, or for the functionality of the website. This website is subject to constant revision. Ampack expressly reserves the right to change the website or any offers described in it, either in full or part, and to temporarily or permanently cease its publication.

Workmanship proposals

The creation and operation of this website is an additional service provided by Ampack, free of charge, and is intended to be an aid to architects, designers and manufacturers. Any proposals regarding workmanship are no substitute for a detailed consultation.

Product Information

Ampack wishes to point to the fact that information about the products on this site is not complete. It is not a substitute for reading the Ampack Product Descriptions supplied with the goods. Product information given on this website does not form a guarantee of commercial quality or of the existence of any particular properties.

No Offer

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Should arise a legal relationship be established between the user and Ampack as a result of the use of this website, such a relationship will be subject to Swiss law. The exclusive jurisdiction for all claims arising out of or in connection with this legal relationship is Rorschach, Switzerland.

Definitive version

Should the interpretation of the conditions laid out in the German, French, Italian and English versions lead to different results, only the German version is decisive in the determination of the rights and obligations of both users and Ampack.