Why you should decide for Ampack

High quality products are an important prerequisite for the optimum functioning of an airtight layer. With Ampack you are  offered so much more:
Not only each individual detail, but the sum of all the parts is crucial in determining safety and value  retention in buildings construction. Behind a comprehensive understanding of structural processes and practical technical  consultancy services lies more than 77 years of experience in the construction industry. Profit from this experience – come  and talk to us! Individual product solutions and suppliers who are reliable partners in the airtight construction of the building shell, both for professional craftsmen and for the building trade.

Your benefits

Systems: Membranes + adhesive technology, aligned together

Customer training

10-year craftsman’s warranty, 20-year premium warranty

High product quality and consistent range


Neutral insulating material for membrane products

Technical Advice

High availability of products

Nice to know!


The Ampack warranty


Just relax! You are on the safe side with Ampack's 10- and 20-year warranty. They cover:

  • Materials
  • Conversion costs
  • Installation costs


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