Ampatop Seal - weldable roof membrane

Ampatop Seal is the weldable roof membrane from Ampack for highly demanding and exceptional use. It is a roof membrane in a class of its own and suitable for flat-pitched roofs with a roof pitch from 5°. Ampatop Seal comprises an upper and lower surface coating made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), it is diffusive and can be welded both with a solvent and with hot air. The membrane is pleasant to the touch and is particularly user-friendly. Moreover, it has good UV and cold stability. Ampatop Seal contains no PVC or plasticisers.

Two welding procedures: Solvent welding and hot-air welding

  • Solvent welding means savings in time and money. Moreover a weld seam is wider and offers more security.
  • No longer any spot welding, pre-welding and main welding, but simply 1 × solvent welding!

Can be used on both front and back

  • Very little waste as sections can be used both for connections and closures.


  • 30% - 50% quicker solvent welding procedure
  • Together with the solvent welding procedure particularly good for prefabrication in  the workshop
Produktfoto: Ampatop SealEdge, Traufbahn


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Ampatop Seal: product photo, weldable roof membrane

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