Ampacoll Fenax

Superior vapour edge tape

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Highly adhesive tape for indoor and outdoor use

The transitions between different components and materials play an important role in the airtightness of the building shell. If masonry or concrete is to be plastered, the airtight connection to other components can be achieved simply and DIN-compliant with a vapour edge tape. The solution can be implemented even faster with the new Ampacoll Fenax 40/60 from the Swiss manufacturer Ampack. The optimised vapour edge tape adheres excellently to dry surfaces even without primer and is extremely weather-resistant.

Vapour edge tapes are used to professionally connect components to unplastered surfaces. They are glued onto both materials and then serve as a plaster base. Plastering creates an airtight layer so that the building is protected from moisture damage caused by convection.

Exceptional adhesion and UV stability

The newly developed Ampacoll Fenax 40/60 is ideal when it comes to professionally connecting vapour checks and wood-based materials to unplastered masonry or concrete. The two-layer vapour edge tape consists of a water-jet-reinforced polypropylene fleece and a special moisture-variable functional membrane. Ampacoll Fenax can be used outside and inside and offers the highest UV stability on the market. This means that it can be exposed to the weather for up to twelve months in Central Europe. Due to its exceptionally high adhesive strength of 300 g/m2, the vapour edge tape can be applied directly to the dry surface without primer. The soft, cold-resistant adhesive layer fills uneven areas in the surface materials. This noticeably improves the adhesive strength. What is more, no time-consuming pre-treatment with a primer is necessary any more.

Simple and safe installation

The fully adhesive side is protected by a slitted liner. The protective film is divided into a 40 mm and 60 mm strip and features a finger lift. This allows the individual strips of the liner to be removed quickly and easily during application. If, for example, installation is to take place between the vapour check and flank wall, the narrow side of the line is removed first and then the vapour edge tape is glued to the vapour check by applying firm pressure. A relief loop is then formed in the transition area between the vapour check and flank wall. This ensures that no permanent tensile load acts on the adhesive bond as stipulated by DIN 4108-7 Airtightness of connections. If no component movements are to be expected, Ampacoll Fenax can also be applied at an angle without a relief loop, e.g. for a connection between OSB panel and masonry.

After gluing, the wide side of the vapour edge tape on the wall is plastered over with base plaster. Vapour check or wood-based panel, Ampacoll Fenax and the plastered wall then form a cohesive, airtight layer. Due to its variable sd value, the vapour edge tape adapts to the respective ambient humidity and allows moisture exchange. The high temperature resistance between -40 °C and +100 °C makes it weather-resistant even after installation.

As a system supplier, Ampack supplies additional Ampacoll roof sealing tapes to match the new vapour edge tape, enabling reliable seals for virtually all installation situations.

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