Important points to note on installation

Airtight penetrations and edge connections

Penetrations and connections must also be airtight.



Levelling must be carried out on uneven surfaces when making connections.


Power and loadfree connections

Ensure that edge connections are power and loadfree when processing.


Dirt and dust

Materials, connections and surfaces to be bonded must be cleaned if necessary to ensure that they are clean, dry, and dust, grease and ice free.


Grid when blowing out with cellulose fibres

Support the membranes with a grid made of battens measuring approx. 65 × 65 cm.


Attaching the vapour retardant

Attach the vapour retardant to the underlying construction using staples.


Avoid creases

Lay the vapour retardant avoiding bulges and creases.


Hard base

In critical areas ensure that a hard base is available.


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