Adhesive strips and round cord seals in butyl rubber

Ampacoll BK 535 – malleable cuff

Penetrations are the number 1 damage potential Ampacoll BK 535 has been specially designed for the permanent and simple sealing of all penetrations such as rafters, beams, outlet vents, electric pipes, etc. in the case of wind seals, roof  membranes, vapour retardants and vapour seals. The butyl rubber band is flexible enough to move with any subsequent  movements in the building component.


Construction joints – sealed with round cord seals Ampacoll RS

Large format construction components make heavy demands on assembly engineering. Ampacoll RS butyl round cord seals in different diameters are a universal aid in sealing construction joints.


What treatment is necessary?

The surface for adhesive strips and sometimes also for adhesives must be clean, dry and grease and dust free. Connections to  porous, damp or dusty surfaces must be pre-treated with a primer which will make them receptive to the adhesive. In cases of  doubt always use a primer or undertake your own adhesion tests.


Product photo: Ampacoll BK 535 50 mm short roll, butyl rubber adhesive tape, air- and windtight

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Product photo: Ampacoll BK 535, butyl rubber adhesive tape

Adhesive strips and cord seals made of butyl rubber

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Application photo: Ampacoll ND.Band, nail sealing tape

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Always follow a few basic rules and you will have fewer problems!


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Product photo: Ampatex DB 90 , vapour check and airtight layer, with Ampacoll INT

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