Façades with open joints

Linings made of wood or metal often come with open joints for design reasons, so that the façade seems more structured and less flat. The insulation layer behind this is therefore exposed to greater demands in the shape of dirt and damp. With Ampatop F blackthe thermal insulation in all ventilated façade  constructions with open joints with a width of up to 30 mm is securely enclosed.

Ampatop F black is laid evenly and without any creases on the underlying construction with the black side facing outwards. It must be stapled down invisibly in the overlapping area only and then preferably covered with counter battening. Both the horizontal and the vertical overlaps measure 15 cm and they are sealed withAmpacoll UV to make them windtight.

The counter battening is then laid whereby the façade membrane is finally fastened to the underlying  construction. Visible staples that are exposed to the weather, etc. present possible non-windtight areas and should be avoided. We recommend using fasteners that are galvanised at least, or preferably made of stainless steel. The counter battening is necessary to safeguard the further work and to avoid any possible  damage from the weather (e.g. wind pressure and suction).

Any penetrations and connections must be permanently fixed with Ampacoll UV or Ampacoll Superfix in order to make them windtight. The connection widths should be at least 10 cm if possible. If this is not possible they should be secured mechanically.

In the case of windows and external doors Ampatop F black is made windtight by using Ampacoll UV  or Ampacoll Superfix on the frame and if necessary secured mechanically. We recommend that the  façades are covered as quickly as possible. The covering must be in place after 4 months at the latest. The  width of the joint can be up to 3 cm. The individual elements must be twice as wide.

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